FootTurismo is a Startup from Granada held inside a spinoff of the University of Granada, 'Creactiva Sport'.
Join us in one of our guided running tours. You'll learn every story from the city, every world known monument and every spot locals enjoy while spending their lives here!
Additionally, we'll go all together to enjoy some tapas and drinks after the tour so we can keep sharing experiences.

David Gutiérrez Parejo

"I always seek for thinks that motivate me to fully dedicate myself to them, and now FootTurismo is my passion.
I've loved sport almost since I was born, but one day I discovered that the moments I enjoy the most are those in which I discover new places. That's why FootTurismo was born, to share our passion with anyone who wants to know more about our wonderful city.

Who am I? Sport Science graduate, a year on the US and a few scholarships and courses on entrepreneurship (Talento Emprendedor UGr, Yuzz, Red INNprende), online marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, web programming and graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator)."

Jesús J. Martínez Sierra

"A runner once said: <>... that was me. Join us running under the watchful eye of the Alhambra and you'll discover the majesty of Granada.

My love for sport made me graduate in Sport Sciences and specialize in athletics. After that, I joined (and currently study) a Masters on Sport Management.

There is no better way to make a dream come true than running until you chase it."

Josué González Ruiz

"When I was young(er), at first, I wanted to be an Archaeologist, but my passions for sport took me to graduate in Sport Science. Now, after bringing some changes to my life (including a year backpacking all around the world), I'm back to make my dreams come true in my dream city, Granada, and FootTurismo allows me to join my passions in one job.

Who am I at a professional level? I've worked almost in every field and level related to sport: from being a volunteer to managing international sport events and from part-time high school professor to college lecturer.

If you know want to know more abut my dreams and my city, run with us!"